About Fuel Media and Marketing

Our Story and Our Team

In a world where traditional media is burning and digital platforms reign supreme, Fuel Media and Marketing emerged as the spark that brands desperately needed. We're not just another consultancy — we're a true disruptive force.

Born from the ashes of outdated practices, Fuel Media was forged to challenge the status quo. We're not part of the 'old guard' of auditors and consultants who cling to antiquated methods. Our mission? To arm our clients with cutting-edge strategies that slice through the noise and captivate audiences in today's hyperconnected landscape.

We don't just advise—we revolutionize. From crafting dynamic agency relationships to engineering performance-driven remuneration models, our approach is nothing short of transformative.

At Fuel Media, we're not interested in 'how it's always been done.' We're here to rewrite the rules, push boundaries, and propel brands into the future. Our team of marketing mavericks is obsessed with one thing: igniting your brand's potential in a digital world that never sleeps.

Join us, and let's set the marketing world on fire. Because in the age of information overload, only the boldest brands will rise from the flames.


Oli Orchard

Oli is a globally experienced media and marketing consultant and the founder of Fuel Media and Marketing. With nearly two decades of leadership at Time Inc, WPP, and Publicis, Oli brings deep expertise to his clients across Europe and the USA.

As a trusted advisor, Oli optimises media strategy, procurement, and agency partnerships. He excels at contract negotiations, pitch management, and developing performance metrics that drive ROI for blue-chip companies.

Oli is passionate about fostering transparency and trust between clients and agencies in an industry often criticised for opaque practices. His strategic acumen and dedication to open communication make him a powerful asset.

When not advising clients, Oli is an avid cyclist and dedicated father of two energetic boys.


John Ferguson

John is a seasoned media professional and partner at Fuel Media and Marketing, bringing three decades of international experience in senior management roles at IPG and major media consultancies.

Renowned as a go-to subject matter expert in modern media trading, John specialises in improving transparency at the client/agency interface. His deep understanding of this relationship helps both parties thrive through optimized targets and margin management. John's unique ability to navigate local media trading nuances within international norms sets him apart.

With extensive experience in major media trading, John has developed a keen focus on digital communications. He leverages the measurability and real-time tracking capabilities of digital to drive results. Alongside Fuel's team of digital engineers, John positions the firm as a digital-first consultancy.

A former elite athlete, John maintains an active lifestyle through cycling and regular gym sessions when away from the office.


Johan Gran

Johan is the force behind Fuel’s digital measurement, quantitative research and consulting capabilities. An experienced senior leader with over two decades of deep category knowledge.

Johan has worked for media agency groups, media owners and consultancies, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in digital media, mathematics, engineering, econometric and financial modelling. As a result he has a significant interest in marketing and digital strategies, and analyses them in detail bringing actionable insights to the fore.

When not at work Johan can be found on his boat in the Swedish islands and driving his daughters around to various important engagements.

1. Our Approach

Independent and Unbiased Analysis

Our commitment to independence is unwavering. We maintain strict neutrality in our assessments, ensuring that our clients receive objective insights free from external influences or conflicts of interest. This approach allows us to provide honest, actionable recommendations that truly serve our clients' best interests.

Data Driven Methodology

We believe in the power of data to illuminate truths and drive decision-making. Our proprietary analytical models combine industry benchmarks, historical performance data, and cutting-edge market intelligence to deliver insights that are both comprehensive and precise. This robust methodology allows us to uncover hidden opportunities and identify inefficiencies that others might miss.

Adaptation to New Media Trends

The media landscape is in constant flux, and we evolve right along with it. Our team of experts continuously monitors emerging platforms, technologies, and consumer behaviours to stay ahead of the curve. This proactive approach enables us to provide our clients with forward-thinking strategies that capitalize on new opportunities and mitigate potential risks in an ever-changing digital ecosystem.

2. Our Difference

Unique Value Proposition

At Fuel Media and Marketing, we offer a rare combination of deep industry expertise and cutting-edge analytical capabilities. Our holistic approach integrates media auditing, performance optimization, and strategic consulting, providing a 360-degree view of your media investments. This comprehensive perspective enables us to deliver insights that drive both immediate improvements and long-term strategic advantages for our clients.

How We Stand Out From Competitors

Unlike many in our field, we don't just identify problems – we provide actionable solutions. Our team of seasoned professionals brings hands-on experience from diverse media backgrounds, allowing us to offer practical, implementable recommendations. We also pride ourselves on our agility and personalized service, tailoring our approach to each client's unique needs and challenges, rather than applying a one-size-fits-all methodology.

Client Success Stories

While we maintain strict confidentiality, our track record speaks volumes. We've helped global brands achieve double-digit improvements in media efficiency, guided emerging companies to outperform larger competitors in key markets, and assisted agencies in winning and retaining high-value accounts. Our clients consistently report not just financial gains, but also enhanced clarity and confidence in their media decision-making processes.

3. Our Commitment

Dedication to Transparency in Media

We believe that transparency is the cornerstone of a healthy media ecosystem. Our work goes beyond mere auditing; we actively advocate for clearer standards and practices within the industry. By promoting transparency, we help our clients build trust with their partners and stakeholders, leading to more effective and efficient media operations. Our commitment to transparency extends to our own practices, ensuring that our methodologies and recommendations are always clear and justifiable.

Fostering Equitable Partnerships

We recognize that the most successful media strategies arise from strong, balanced relationships between brands, agencies, and media vendors. Our role is not just to audit, but to facilitate understanding and alignment among all parties. We work tirelessly to create an environment where all stakeholders can thrive, promoting fair practices, clear communication, and mutually beneficial outcomes. This approach leads to more stable, productive, and innovative partnerships in the long term.

Education and Thought Leadership

We're passionate about elevating the entire media industry through knowledge sharing and continuous learning. Our team regularly contributes insights and analysis through our blog, offering a valuable resource for industry professionals to stay informed about the latest trends, best practices, and innovative strategies. Beyond our digital presence, we actively participate in industry conferences, conduct workshops, and engage in collaborative research projects. By fostering a culture of ongoing education and thought leadership, we ensure that our clients and the wider media community are always at the forefront of industry developments.

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